Bathing Your Baby:

I recommend giving your baby a bath before leaving your home. Bathing a baby keeps them awake during the bath, but when it is time for the session, they will be tired and relaxed. If the umbilical cord is still attached, a sponge bath will also do the trick. I need your baby awake as long as possible prior to the session, so take your time and interact with your baby during their bath time.

This is also a good time to remove any eye boogers and clean out sticky eye lashes.

Feeding Your Baby Prior to the Session:

Feeding your baby right before leaving your home or upon arrival at our studio will help keep your baby calm and sleepy, increasing our opportunities to capture your baby in different poses. A full baby equals a sleepy baby and a sleepy baby equals a successful session! :-)

How should you dress your baby prior to arriving at our studio:

To successfully conduct a newborn session, we need a happy/sleepy baby. A sleepy baby allows for smooth posing. An awake baby is more difficult to pose as they often do not want to be wrapped and placed in different positions. It is best to dress your baby in light clothing, i.e. zip-up sleepers. Prevent clothing that need to be lifted over the head to avoid movements that would wake your baby. Avoid tight socks, headbands, or anything that will leave lines on their skin. If your baby is awake when you arrive, it is best to undress them first before their full feeding. We have blankets available to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Taking A Break:

If your baby needs to be soothed, fed, and/or changed at any point during the session, we will take a break. Please know that it is important to me that your baby is comfortable and relaxed, I will never rush the session and I am flexible to attend to your baby's needs. We want a calm and happy baby. If your baby is bottle fed, please make sure to bring extra just in case your baby is extra hungry on session day.

Posing Without Diapers:

Please know that I expect babies to poop and pee on my backdrops. If this should happen while I am posing your baby, please know that I am prepared for this and our team will take care of the cleaning, this in no way upsets or offends me. We make sure to wash and sanitize all backdrops after and prior to each session.

Doctor Appointments:

Please avoid scheduling your baby's doctor appointments on the same day as your newborn session. Conducting a newborn session already introduces a change in your baby's regular schedule. Adding a doctor's appointment to that can be a stressful experience for your baby.